Superman Harry ;)
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THOR story :D

I hired a pain-THOR last THOR-sday. He lives in THOR-key with a carpen-THOR who eats Corne-THOR who has a friend named Vic-THOR, whose job is a conduc-THOR. He could also repair mo-Thor-bikes, genera-Thors, escala-Thors and eleva-Thors. He’s married to Vic-THOR-ia, who had a pet THOR-tle named THOR-ress. She dresses it like a sena-THOR , so that she could enter a books-THOR that has a cookbook entitled “100 Ways to Eat THOR-keys”. Her pet was killed, smashed by a refrigera-THOR, during a THOR-nado outbreak that lasted THOR-ty minutes. She survived because her doc-THOR is a professional. :D